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Raye Schiller is a Los Angeles-based comedian and writer known for her razor-sharp wit and her ability to make even the most taboo topics hilarious. As a queer formerly Orthodox Jew, Raye is basically a walking contradiction, and her comedy reflects that perfectly.

Raye's infectious energy and unique perspective have taken her to venues around the world, including Tel Aviv, Paris, Rome, Lisbon and Peru. She's performed at top comedy clubs like the Hollywood Improv and Broadway Comedy Club.

Reach out for clips and bookings.

Upcoming shows

Upcoming Shows

Zephyr Theater
The Hollywood Improv (Lab)
Lisboa Comedy Club
Froot Basket Pride Show 2022
Froot Basket Group Shot
Comedy Chateau 3
Comedy Chateau 2
Stand Up NY
Stand Up NY Unladylike Show
New York Comedy Club
Stand Up NY 2
Stand Up NY 3
The Hollywood Comedy
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